Real Roses That Last up to 5 Years

What are Preserved Roses?

The Preserved Roses used at Bloom of Roses® come from the lush, vibrant rose fields of Southern America. Each rose is carefully cultivated until it reaches a full bloom. Once the roses are at their peak, they are picked and shipped to our facilities in India. When the roses arrive, their color is removed using a non-toxic bleach. From there, each rose is treated with a formula made from non-toxic and non-allergenic wax, as well as natural oils. This formula is similar to silica and effectively dehydrates the roses to help preserve them. Once the dehydration process is complete, the roses soak in dye to give them the bright and vibrant colors you’ve come to expect from our gorgeous roses.

Are the Preserved Roses Real?

Yes! Our roses are real and delicately cultivated from our very own rose farms across South America.

Do these Roses really last up to 5 Years?

Yes! With proper care, our roses maintain their beautiful appearance for up to 5 Years

Everyone loves receiving a bouquet of roses from a friend, a family member, or a loved one. However, store-bought roses typically only last a week before they begin to wilt and have to be thrown away. Our Roses will last up to 5 years or more with proper care, allowing you to enjoy their beauty month after month. With that in mind, the beauty and elegance isn’t the only thing people love about roses. They also love the smell!

The smell of flowers is a wildly popular scent, whether in candles, perfumes, or the roses themselves. With our Roses, you not only have the benefit of enjoying them for up to 5 years, but you can also enjoy the lovely scent for two to three weeks longer than you would with traditional roses!

Do they require any special treatment?

Not at all! Just keep them in a safe place away from sunlight, heat, and humidity.

How do these Roses Last up to 5 Years?

To ensure long-lasting florals that provide aesthetic appeal for months on end, we use a proprietary solution and color pigmentation process to keep the freshness of the flowers and then instill them with a wide array of lovely colors.

Can I take the Roses out of the Box?

No. For optimal appearance, customers cannot take the roses out of the box. They are happy there and meant to stay inside for the entire lifespan of the arrangement. During the creation of each custom floral arrangement, the flowers are meticulously placed within the box. Removing them will damage and ruin the arrangement.

How do I care for my Preserved Roses?
  • Do not water the roses!
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Keep the arrangement in a room-temperature environment.
  • If dust collects after a few months, remove it lightly using a duster.
  • Do not place anything onto the roses as they can crush and damage the roses.
  • Do not remove the roses from the box; they are secure and happy there.
  • Do not allow roses to have direct contact with light colored fabric or surfaces, as staining may occur.
  • The lid is meant to stay on the side or bottom of the box.
  • Be mindful when carrying the arrangement: it's a very delicate product!
When is the best time to give an Rose Arrangement?

The great thing about our arrangements of real roses that last up to 5 years™ is that there is never a bad time to send one to someone you love! Preserved Roses make the perfect gift for someone getting married, graduating from college and starting their first job, someone who means the world to you - the list goes on! At Bloom of Roses®, our founders came up with the idea of Eternity® Roses because they wanted to solve the problem of store-bought flowers that only last for a week or two. Flowers, especially roses, are meant to be a symbol of love and affection, and you want the recipient to know that you are thinking about them. Because our Preserved Roses last up to 5 Years with proper care, you can give this gift knowing that they will be a constant reminder of your love to whoever admires them.

General Questions

How do I place my order?

Ordering online from bloomofroses.in is easy! 

When viewing an item, simply select the size, color and quantity needed and then click ‘ADD TO CART’. Once you have your desired items in your bag, you can add “Personalised Gift Message” if you wish to add and then simply click the ‘CHECKOUT’ button. Next, enter any Discount coupon codes or Gift Card number that you may want to use to discount the price. Finally, you will be directed to complete the shipping address, shipping method, and payment method. a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address containing the contents of your order!

Can I order by phone?

Yes, you can visit our mobile website on your smartphone by simply entering bloomofroses.in on the search bar of your browser.

How Long can items be stored for in my shopping bag?

The shopping bag is linked to your account and will retain its contents for up to 30 days. This applies to all customers.

What happens when an item in my shopping bag sells out?

The item is only reserved once your purchase is completed during the checkout process. If an item is extremely popular and in limited stock, it might be sold out once you reach the checkout. an item added to your shopping bag is saved for a total of 30 days, however, stock availability cannot always be guaranteed. you are therefore encouraged to submit payment as soon as possible.

Can I cancel/make changes to the order I just placed?

Due to the fast nature of our supply chain and logistics, our warehouse and floral specialists begin working on your order right away. For this reason, we're unable to accept any order cancellations.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email or text message (carrier or data rates may apply) with your tracking number. Once you receive a tracking number please allow up to 24 hours for it to enter the carrier’s system and update. Once the tracking is updated you will be able to see shipment status and history. 

You can also track your order from the “Track Your Order” page.

Do you offer exchanges and returns?

If you would like to return your product and receive store credit in the form of a E-Gift Card please email us at support@bloomofroses.in including your Order #

Please Note: There will be a 15% restocking fee & shipping charge is not to be refunded. You will be responsible for the return shipping cost.

To know which products are returnable and replaceable please refer the Returns & Exchanges page.